About Lyrika

Lyrika Holmes is an internationally known harpist, singer, songwriter, composer, actress, teacher and co-owner of nonprofit arts school, “Artz for the Harp”. A classically trained harpist from St. Louis, MO, Lyrika has brought the harp into a futuristic world of electronic beats combined with R&B, jazz, pop, and classical elements to create a style all her own.

Lyrika has created several albums displaying her harp and vocal stylings including the smash hit “Attention” which received over 25,000 views on the video within its first week on YouTube and has been played worldwide in clubs and on radio stations as far as Cardiff, Wales. Lyrika also frequently performs in Asia and has also opened for several artists including: Kerri Hilson, Joe, Laura Izibor, and Phil Perry and has played alongside some of the best, including the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

Recognized as a wedding harp singer, Lyrika has been featured on television stations throughout the southeast and the Midwest. She has also graced the pages of Essence Magazine, Modern Luxury Brides, Interior Design, Skirt Magazine, Parent Magazine, and St. Louis Education to name a few. She has also been featured as a harpist on the television series “The Originals” and frequently is cast to perform in shows filming in and around the Atlanta, GA area.

Sharing her passion as a harpist doesn’t stop with performance. Lyrika is also a teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching music within the public and private sectors of education. Because of her dedication to teaching an instrument rarely introduced in the urban communities, Lyrika pushed to open the first elementary harp program in the state of Tennessee with Memphis City Schools, and in Conyers, GA with Rockdale County Schools. Lyrika loved teaching the students, and they loved the lessons so much, that it prompted her to open nonprofit arts school “Artz for the Harp”. The mission of the school is to find innovative ways to combine visual, dance, and the dramatic arts with the harp. Through her program, she is able to provide harp lessons, and instructional harps to any elementary age student who wants to learn once the program is added to their school, or community centers activities.

Connecting with the students on a very contemporary level, she teaches the foundations of music, through the use of pop, R&B, hip hop, jazz, country, and classical music. “… Music is the universal language…. we just have to find which one speaks to you, and in the end…I hope I will inspire others to step outside the box and try something new!” Recognized for her passion and dedication to students, Lyrika was honored with a sponsorship from Harpsicle Harps.

Through this passion, Lyrika has created a new genre merging style of music that transcends the mind, body and soul. On stage, Lyrika’s fingers glide gracefully across the strings as she sings infectious melodies that both entertains and soothes her audiences. Though known for her smooth renditions of covers, ranging from The Neighbourhood to Sade, Lyrika is also known for her hip hop flows and ability to rap as well, which can be heard on her hot single “Attention Remix.” Today, Lyrika can be seen in her studio producing tracks for her next coming album which is sure to show the world just how cool the harp can be as she sits under the radar as the next artist to watch…